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This is just a suggested list. If you are coming with someone, we suggest that you share items to keep your luggage down.
More information about the materials for the specific demos will be forthcoming. If you DO forget an item, we have Lynda's complete shop on the premises, people are happy to share and the grocery store is less than a half mile down the road!

Personal Items

  • Camera & charger, phone & charger
  • comfy shoes and clothes
  • earplugs, cheaters (glasses)
  • tums, medications, pain reliever
  • extra pillows, night light
  • portable computer (data port in rooms) & charger
  • heating pad, book, magazines
  • snack foods
  • favorite mug or water bottle with a lid
  • spcialty creamer or teas to share

ALCOHOL is allowed only in hotel room

Already in room

  • alarm clock
  • hairdryer
  • microwave
  • fridge

On Premises

  • laundry room
  • microwave

For the Workroom

  • MONEY to shop
  • clay
  • pasta machine (no motors in workroom)
  • clamp, shim and crank for pasta machine
  • work surface and rubber grip
  • favorite tools
  • cutters, guilders paste
  • plastic bag for trash, sharpie marker
  • baby wipes, hand lotion, paper towels
  • TLS or liquid Kato and super glue
  • baby powder or cornstarch
  • repel gel, wax/deli paper, alcohol inks
  • paint brushes and water cup
  • paints, pearlex powders, inks, glitter
  • metal leaf, foils, gloves, q-tips, towels
  • texture sheets, rubber stamps, molds
  • blades, exacto knife, wavy blade
  • baking sheets, aluminum foil, fiber fill
  • timer, masking tape, armatures
  • sand paper, bowl, towels, toothbrush, dish soap
  • notebook and pen
  • finishing items (beads, findings, cord, chain etc)
  • items to sell, barter, display
  • something for the silent auction and brown bag swap
  • lamp and extension cord/surge protector*

*limited plug supply, first come first serve